• Halawa


    Halawa is a classic, elegant simple middle eastern dessert with 4 simple ingredients Traditionally served with bread but for my gluten free sugar free household I’ve adjusted for a low carb recipe. Making this loved dessert healthy & equally delicious. Ingredients: 100g Pistachios 1 teaspoon of rosewater 5 tablespoons of hulled tahini 3 tablespoons of […]

  • Healthy choc peanut dream

    Healthy choc peanut dream

    In the name of progress this recipe is inspired by My Dad’s favourite chocolatey junk food, this recipe was my attempt to help Dad enjoy his flavour favourite treats in healthier styles & see how treats can be delicious AND nourishing to his physiology at the same time. Ingredients: 6 Dates 1 Tsp coconut oil […]

  • Game Changer Date treat

    Game Changer Date treat

    Think nutty caramel, with 3 ingredients. WOW Ingredients  1 date 1 teaspoon of almond or peanut butter 1 sprinkle of sea salt Instructions: Slice and pit a medjool date Fill the date with Almond butter Garnish with a tiny sprinkle of sea salt For best results, place the snack in the freezer and enjoy a […]

  • My Creamy Passionfruit & Rasberry cheesecake of deliciousness.

    My Creamy Passionfruit & Rasberry   cheesecake of deliciousness.

                    This recipe is: Vegan Paleo friendly Keto Friendly (low carb) Gluten free Sugar free Dairy free Delicious Always on the hunt for low carb, dairy free alternatives to treats that are usually full of both, I’ve been experimenting with cheesecakes & have put together this magical one. […]

  • Holy Heatwave First-aid berry slushie

    Holy Heatwave First-aid berry slushie

                          My low carb & dairy free slushy option. This recipe is simple & easy & cooling.  Ingredients: Makes 2 Crushed ice 3 cups 1 cup of mixed berries 1/2 frozen mango 1 frozen banana 1 avocado A HUGE handful of mint 😉 If possible […]

  • Smoked Salmon Creme spread PALEO

    Smoked Salmon Creme spread PALEO

    Today on this cloudy Sydney Monday,  arrived an intense craving for a smoked salmon creme cheese bagel with a cup of black tea. Trying to avoid gluten & dairy though presents a challenge. Admittedly a naughty naturopath, or at the best a very very realistic Naturopath. I can relate to cravings of all kinds because […]

  • Lemon slice: Love, Lemons & Lebanese

    Lemon slice: Love, Lemons & Lebanese

    Dedicated to mum. Thankyou for the love, lemons and the Lebanese. How this all started: A Lebanese heritage means that nothing is done by halves. It’s full generosity, full heart, bold and well meaning. Leading to conversations with my mother… Mum: ” Let me give you a couple of lemons off your dad’s tree” Me: […]

  • Creamy Macadamia Basil Pesto

    Creamy Macadamia Basil Pesto

    It’s Summertime Sydney! Make your own dips and live your best life 😉 Sunday at home is grocery shopping eyeing off the pesto dips in the supermarket longingly today. Tempting but I wanted something without the cheese, preservatives, questionable vegetable oils (although there are some pure blends just check your labels) – and at the […]

  • DIY Summer Splash Acai bowl

    DIY Summer Splash Acai bowl

    It’s summer in Australia at the moment and the need to stay cool is right up there on the list of priorities. Sharing my at home recipe, I have an alternative for you to the traditional sugary slushy, that will satisfy your appetite for an icy cold treat. We need snacks that are quick, easy […]