Halawa is a classic, elegant simple middle eastern dessert with 4 simple ingredients

Traditionally served with bread but for my gluten free sugar free household I’ve adjusted for a low carb recipe. Making this loved dessert healthy & equally delicious.


100g Pistachios

1 teaspoon of rosewater

5 tablespoons of hulled tahini

3 tablespoons of naturally sweet xylitol icing ‘sugar’ (sugar free )


Compress the pistachios in a mortar and pestle until some are flattened and there are still pieces that look roughly chopped.

Add the pistachios into a bowl and add the tahini, rosewater and icing xylitol.

The patient process is using the back of a spoon. Compress the ingredients together, slowly.

Flatten the mixture in the bowl (just enough to form a 1 inch layer) then reform into a ball and flatten again.

Repeat this process until the xylitol dissolves.

Serve with a cup of tea and enjoy, bread free!

Sahtein xx

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