DIY Summer Splash Acai bowl

It’s summer in Australia at the moment and the need to stay cool is right up there on the list of priorities.

Sharing my at home recipe, I have an alternative for you to the traditional sugary slushy, that will satisfy your appetite for an icy cold treat. We need snacks that are quick, easy and icy as we navigate the humidity and play in the sunshine.

IMG_9464Acai has been recognised as a nutritious ‘superfood’ in the health and wellness community recently, as this wild berry originating in the Amazon rainforest contains double the antioxidant content of blueberries.  Antioxidants are phytochemical compounds that can slow the damage caused by ageing and fights against the effects of toxic chemicals on our bodies.

Below is a recipe, for my favourite summer snack – the Acai Bowl. It’s as simple as tossing the ingredients into a blender.

I love this recipe so much, that every single time it’s made, It’s ravenously consumed before even having a chance to photograph it. I had to make a concentrated effort this time not to devour it and take a sneaky snap. It’s safe to say that it didn’t last long after that point.

A final note about sourcing your own Acai:

When choosing brands be on the lookout and check labels for …

  • NO Sugar – Always check the nutritional panel, and if you are buying an acai bowl from a cafe, ask if it’s sugar free.
  • Certified Organic – Organic is always better when it comes to berries as they aren’t laden with toxic pesticides and contaminated with nasties.
  • No other ingredients. The best Acai purees that come frozen should be exactly that, Acai blended with water.

Ok, now that we’ve got the technicalities out of the way, let the fun begin!

Acai Slushie 



Puree ingredients 

1 Sachet of Acai Puree ( I use Amazonia, the sugar free frozen version. Found in most health food stores)

1 scoop of frozen mango

2 tablespoons of frozen berries or if you want it less sweet, use a cucumber instead.

300mls of cold coconut water

1/2 of a frozen banana


Blend the above using any smoothie mixer into a frappe consistency, and pour into a bowl.

For the topping, you can customise this to your taste. Avoid seasoning with sugary muesli. The acai puree that you have made is sweet as it is. Use crunchy seasonings like coconut flakes, pepitas & almonds.



Extra tips on foods to consider to help you stay cool and hydrated

  • Fresh Cucumber (I love to throw fresh or frozen cucumber pieces into my smoothies for a cool crisp)
  • Coconut water
  • Peppermint – Infuse as a tea then store in the fridge
  • Sage – Infuse as a tea also, then store in the fridge.
  • WATER. Hydration is key to thermoregulation (body temperature regulation).
  • Frozen & fresh berries
  • Cold coconut water
  • Celery


When in doubt, a $12.00 fan from K-Mart can also help. This is 12 dollars oh so well spent 😉

Stay cool Australia, Don’t forget to play and have fun in the sun  & Slip, slop slap

For more information about being sun safe, visit:

Happy Sunday




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