About Reema


Reema Saab has experience in a diversity of platforms in the Natural Therapies industry working within the industry since 2006. Reema has cultivated her passion and knowledge of nutritional and herbal medicine in this time and has been working as a Naturopath since graduating in 2011.

At present, Reema is a practising Naturopath and Dispensary manager at the Integrative Medical clinic Pymble Grove Health Centre.

Reema studied Naturopathy at Nature Care College and has a Bachelors degree in Health Science from Charles Sturt University & a Masters Degree in Advanced Naturopathic Medicine. 

Reema’s keen interest in health and wellbeing has been present from a very young age, always wanting to be involved in helping people. Reema found Naturopathic medicine to be a powerful medium to assist people in discovering their healthiest, happiest selves.

For more information, visit Reema’s practitioner page at

Pymble Grove Health Centre.

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Our lovely team (or as I like to think of it – family) at Pymble Grove Health Centre 

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