Not-ella Balls

The combination of hazelnuts and chocolate has always been a culinary staple. Once discovered, the human race could never turn back. It’s been the source of joy, sharing, celebration, romance & connection ever since. Here is my simple take in 6 ingredients.

Ingredients: Makes roughly 15 balls

6 Dates

3/4 cup Roasted Hazelnuts

2 Tablespoons of Cacao Powder

1/2 teaspoon vanilla (extract, paste or powder)

3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil. (Add more coconut oil if it’s not coming together)

Dessicated coconut


Step 1 – Blend the dates, vanilla, coconut oil , hazelnuts and cacao powder until they form a paste. I like it crunchy but blend to your hearts content.

Step 2 – On a plate pour some dessicated coconut (approximately 1/2 cup – enough to roll the balls on)

Step 3 – Take a small piece and roll a ball in your hands to approximately a 3cm diameter.

Step 4 – Roll the ball onto the dessicated coconut and set aside

Step 5 – Repeat the process until your paste if finished

Step 6 – Refrigerate for a few hours then serve and enjoy. These beauties last in the fridge or freezer !

Sahtein beauties, may your hearts be merry xx

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