My Blueberry Blast Sorbet

Berry Bliss

Hi Legends,

I made this smoothie/sorbet every morning for 7 days while my immune system worked it’s way through a challenge. I felt it soothed my throat and cough and helped reduce my brain fog (note: this doesn’t represent medical advice & is not a medical claim, just a personal experience/commentary).

Having a fever in the middle of an Australian heatwave wasn’t fun, this smoothie was my go to.

Please consult your health profession for personal guidance with your immunity or especially if you have a fever.

Blueberries contain phytochemicals called Anthocyanins that have research into reducing inflammation & providing an anti-oxidant effect.

Oxidative stress is one of the causes of metabolic inflammation (the same metabolic inflammation that leaves humanity vulnerable to turning this ‘infection’ that the body might be able to otherwise resolve into an undesirable inflammatory storm.) Oxidative stress is caused by factors such as stress (physical and psychological), processed diet, toxin exposure & more. Our 21st century living is a recipe for oxidative stress risk. Lucky for us, there is so much we can do about it by choosing foods that will reduce inflammation and avoiding foods that promote inflammation. The ideal is to minimise that baseline oxidative stress so that when we are exposed to toxins (like pathogenic bugs), we are in better shape to navigate these situations.

So here we are, arrived my berry sorbet saviour…


3 tablespoons blueberries (can add more if you like) – I like to use frozen for the consistency

1 teaspoon of xylitol

2 teaspoons of lemon juice

1 tablespoon of frozen mango

100mls of water (just enough to puree to keep the icy consistency)

Blitz and consume immediately ! Yum.

You can also add some mint or extra ice to the blend if you would like to make it extra cooling.

Wishing you vibrant health in 2022

xx Reem

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