hehe How Human of me.



Today, meal prepping at 6am kitchen full of beans, greens & one optimistic heart.

A sense of peace fills this quiet little living space knowing only this – I’m trying. NOT PERFECT, Trying.

I may have eaten that packet of potato chips I wasn’t meant to last night (hehe – Naturopaths slip too). Made the convenient choice over the healthy one understanding that convenient choices rarely make for a quality one.

Freedom has come from trying to get into the habit of being compassionate with my flaws & faulty behaviours and saying

‘hehe How utterly HUMAN of me’ Shrug.

Trading that too familiar self- reprimand, the judgement, the guilt of “I should have done better, I should have known better’ for more useful questions that raise compassionate enquiry like ‘what did I learn from this?’ ‘what’s a healthy step to take forward?’

Trialling this new mindset lately, I woke up this morning – Guilt free, heart light with forgiveness, and got back on the horse.

Making healthier choices is influenced by your reaction to the less healthy ones.

“how utterly human of me”, is the pause before the spiral. It is a moment of compassionate acceptance that will save you from rumination and anxiety that is fundamentally unnecessary.

Love is forgiving, love is light, love is acceptance.

We just try, in microbends, baby steps & cha cha’s.

Happy Friday

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