The 7-7 of managing Anxiety and Depression. Tips to support you through some challenging times.


Depression & anxiety can be complex, messy states to navigate through and it can sometimes develop into an intensity where it can be a matter of fighting for our own lives. Just know, 2 points. if you are battling you don’t have to suffer alone and that “this too, will pass.” Read ahead.

You hold the key to your own happiness.  You cannot control or manage the way other people behave towards you, but you can manage your inner response to these external circumstances, this is where you will build internal resilience, and subsequently become your own hero.

You matter & in all the billions of the people in the world, there exists only one of you. Custom made & perfectly unique. Make that count.

This is a cause that is very close to my heart and if it can help one person make it through a  day, it will be perfect.

This post is a dedication in loving memory of Liam Zane Goodwin <3 Our forever angel in the sky.

Here is a summary of my Youtube video entitled ‘ Tips to support your healing. Anxiety and Depression. Becoming your own hero.’

Let’s start with some definitions

Depression features include low mood that persists for a number of weeks, months or years. Symptoms include; Insomnia, Appetite changes, Fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, poor concentration, agitgation restlessness and irritability, withdrawing from your friends, loss of hope, disinterest in the aspects of life that would normally interest you & sometimes even feeling numb.

Anxiety features involve intense fear + worry that persist and pervade most areas of your life. Anxiety looks a lot like fear, but can sometimes appear without an apparent cause in front of you at that time. Anxiety is usually felt about situations that have happened in the past that are unresolved or situations that are pending in the future that we are stuck imagining.  Physical symptoms include dizziness, increased heart rate, trembling, outbursts of emotion that are difficult to manage or control, withdrawal from social events and a persistent worry.


7 strategies to help you move forward and make your day better 🙂


  1. DIET – Eat regular meals, throughout the day, have a protein source at every meal, and eat a substantial breakfast.
  2. POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY STRATEGIES – Be present in the moment. Journal your feelings, learn deep breathing techniques, listen to affirmations, podcasts or meditation music. Feel the rough feelings, whether it’s anger, grief, pain etc.  Acknowledge the presence of your discomfort, but then, acknowledge the transience of these feelings. They will pass, be prepared to let the painful feelings go when you are ready.
  3. ESTABLISH A MORNING ROUTINE  Wake up a little earlier and take some time to nurture yourself and set an intention for your day.
  4. MOVE – Get out into nature. Exercise, stretch & meditate.
  5. FURTHER INVESTIGATIONS – If your strategies above aren’t giving you the progress you are anticipating, make sure there isn’t a biochemical factor behind your symptoms. Nutritional deficiencies like vitamin D, Iron & B Vitamins have been linked to low mood as well as conditions like Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.
  6. SAY YES WHEN YOU MEAN YES, SAY NO WHEN YOU MEAN NO – Know your limits. Back yourself in setting them. Say yes when you are able, and no when you aren’t.
  7. TAKE TIME OUT FOR SELF CARE DAYS – Take a day off if you can, or a few hours. Find an activity that you enjoy that nourishes your spirit, this includes massage, facials, joining a sports team etc. Treat yourself and have joyful moments.


7 don’ts

  1. SUGAR – A study of over 8000 participants over 22 years showed that men who consumed 65 grams of sugar (which is approx. 2 cans of soft drink), were more 23% more likely to be diagnosed with depression in a 5 year period.

Sugar is highly addictive, fattening, fries our delicate metabolism and is extremely           pro-inflammatory.

  1. CAFFEINE – I’m not saying give up your favourite coffee treat permanently, but limit your intake to 1 coffee per day and monitor your feelings after consumption. Also consider… what else are you having your coffee with? Are you adding sugars? Milk? If so your cup of coffee becomes an inflammatory drink.
  2. ALCOHOL – Socially acceptable yet totally depressing. Using alcohol to medicate your inner challenges is like fanning fire to a flame.
  3. BLAMING YOURSELF AND OTHERS – Carrie fischer famously said: “Anger is like drinking posion and hoping the other person will die.” Don’t take the behaviour of others towards you so personally, even if it is directed at you, it often has nothing to do with you. Blaming others for your internal distress and blaming yourself are both destructive behaviours that can imprison you and don’t bring you to a place of honesty, responsibility and accountability. Whilst often, the actions of others can be hurtful on our spirits, it is important to realise that the power to respond lies within you. Martin Luther King Jnr stated that “forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a permanent attitude.” Forgive others, and yourself and let go so you can free a space inside you for healing and living your best life. I understand though, however that some situations and actions of others can be so deeply hurtful, in this case, honour your feelings/painful place and seek help to give you strategies to cope. Don’t expect others to make you happy or ‘complete’ you. You are whole and complete as you are, prioritise learning about and understanding yourself as this brings the pieces together to form the whole.
  4. COMPARISON – Comparison contributes to unhappiness living in a social media saturated world where the happiest moments of people lives comprises most of what is being shown. This is truly a beautiful experience to share in happy moments with friends!  Life is full of joyful moments but not perfect for anyone.
  5. SAYING Yes, when you need to say NO! Need I say more empaths & light workers?

Lastly, don’t take it personally. Everything.

In loving memory of you Liam Zane. Our family loves you eternally with every breath in remembrance of you. The world has one less brilliant talented mind without you here lighting it up.

A very wise friend taught me that “wherever you go, there you are.” Thanks D. So don’t run away from yourself, greet yourself with love, non judgement, curiosity and acceptance. Your soul has been waiting all of it’s life for this moment.

Reema x

Lifeline Australia 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention

Freecall:  13 11 14


Note: This post is not designed or intended to diagnose or claim to treat anxiety or depression. If you have any concerns about your mental health or the mental health of any member of your family it is advised to visit a Health Professional and seek further advice.



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