Top 10 tips on creating your Sanctuary at Home. Spring edition.

“Oh Temple my temple !” 

Spring has sprung at the Saab Pad this morning


The first day of spring is a wonderful opportunity for renewal. Preparing our winter caterpillar states for springtime butterfly flight.

Your body is your temple. That makes your home, the temple for your temple. 

Considering we spend on average 25 years of our lives asleep, it is important that we gift  ourselves and our families with a sanctuary fit for the body to re-couperate and recharge at the end of the day.

Here are my 10 basic tips for turning your place into your heavenly retreat to come home to each day.

  1. Flowers & Plants                             My personal favourite touch
    img_1217.jpgKeep the flowers fresh and add plants – Fake plants are not appealing. They don’t add anything to a room, and look FAKE! Fresh flowers provide life force and energy to the room. They are uplifting to the spirit and can liven any space with their magnificence. Having a father who is an avid gardener, he has inspired my appreciation of plants. Try your local flower market on the weekend and treat yourself or collect your own flowers. 
  2. Keep the technology away from your bedroom                                                                                           Charge your phone as far away from your bedhead as possible. Try not to keep any electronics in your place of rest. Technology emits electrical energy around you that can disrupt your natural rhythms. Buy a small alarm, and charge your phone somewhere else. It helps to disconnect from technology / social media vortex each day to keep yourself grounded and relaxed, especially at night.
  3. Essential oils Smells are essential, evoking your senses helps bring the body into a relaxed state.  Essential oils are natural components of therapeutic plants and have medicinal qualities as well as delightfully scented. This world is DIVERSE. There are blends, individual oils, room mists etc to choose from, so have a play at your local Perfect Potion shop, and find what works for you. My current fave is stress ease from Young living. 
  4. Give it away Give away anything you haven’t worn for a while to charity, don’t think twice about it! It may just be the right outfit for someone in need.
  5. Photographs Keep your collages like your friendship circles – quality over quantity 😉 Looking at these each day will help you stay clear and focused about your goals and what inspires you. Some suggestions for photos include people that enrich your life, places to travel, motivating quotes & inspiring reminders of your future goals. 
  6. A splash of White White is a powerful, cleansing, pure colour. The character and nature of white represents a blank canvass, endless possibilities & is reflective as opposed to absorbent & dense. White is the perfect blank canvass for your favourite colours. 
  7. Adorn your space with Crystals                                                                                                             Crystals can be a personal choice, so pick to your hearts content. As a baseline, a Selenite lamp is a good pace to start. Selenite cleanses negative energy, re-energises and gives off a beautiful warm glow. Currently crushing on amethyst with rosemary. 
  8. Go clutter free Keep it super simple. Keep your space tidy and organised, this will assist your mental clarity.
  9. Store There should be ideally, a place for everything. Store everything in cupboards and drawers. Let the items in your room be food for the senses like ornaments, photographs, candles and flowers.
  10. Play music & Dance Keep the place alive and vibrant with your favourite tunes and meditations. Music is so good for the soul. Play music & dance your butt off at any time.

Wishing everyone a pleasant month. Hope this day represents the beginning of a new chapter for all.  



To new beginnings. 

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