Your D-I-Y guide to supporting your immune system
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Let’s start with a raw dose of honesty… many people find liver completely palatable and delicious. I am definitely not one of those people. I tend to gag at the smell and sight of liver  – Until, I discovered organic pâté Eat like a Farmer, live like a king The word superfood is thrown around excessively Read More

There are many times I sit there in my kitchen and stare at a finished product and wonder HOW tf I didn’t burn the kitchen down let alone have something taste amazing. This was definitely one of those pleasant surprises. While shopping at the local markets every week I love to talk & crack jokes Read More

  We’ll set the scene: It’s Friday night, you’re in your oversized old pj’s & it’s raining. You’ve had dinner, and now are ready to get the party STARTED switching on a Malcolm X political activism documentary with an epic chocolate dessert.  You enjoy the dessert but then spend the next 2 hours shouting: ” Read More

Inspired by the month of blooming romance, February. May your hearts always delight with connection in every month of the year. Dedicated to the healing potential of the light of love.  Please take a moment to view the hilarious reviews below from the Saab Tribe: ” ∗ ”              1 Read More

HUNGRY. Ingredients: Note: Measurements are based if you are using a whole pumpkin. You won’t need this much unless you are feeding an army or meal prepping. If you use 1/4 like I did, adjust the amounts below.  Japanese pumpkin Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper 2 cloves of Garlic 1 bunch of Lemon Thyme Italian Herbs Read More

                      My low carb & dairy free slushy option. This recipe is simple & easy & cooling.  Ingredients: Makes 2 Crushed ice 3 cups 1 cup of mixed berries 1/2 frozen mango 1 frozen banana 1 avocado A HUGE handful of mint 😉 If possible Read More

Attempting to tackle some Lebanese greats, my love affair with the Lebanese staple – Mana’ish – has been lifelong. One of my favourite memories is eating fresh manoushe with my Dad in our village in Lebanon, with fresh mint, black tea & the serene village backdrop. Another is laughing & sharing stories with my Teta Read More

Currently 6 days into clean keto and I’m feeling full and satisfied despite a significant calorie reduction to the usual. I’ve got my emergency Keto chocolate stash during this program (check out my delicious chocolate experiment) but also wanted to create something that was more of a dessert treat. A summery bowl to enjoy & Read More

Here we are friends, holiday season upon us. Going into it as healthy as possible. My version of mindful meditation from this increasingly bizarre & challenging world is to get creative in the kitchen. Food is one of my love languages. There is something about preparing food that is part time creative art, DNA activation Read More

Scouring the pantry for some chocolate the other day, knowing I only keep healthy foods at home, I set myself a challenge to use only what was already in the pantry, to bake a treat equal parts naughty and nice. A personal favourite balance 😉 The amazing thing about this was, it was super easy, Read More

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