Month: June 2020

What you will need – A zucchini corer. You will definitely need a Zucchini corer. hehe . It’s the Lebanese way. This peculiar instrument is pictured below on the far right. Nothing beats my grandmothers homemade Koussa. She is the Koussa Mahshi queen. Naturally. But this recipe is for those watching their carbs.. who want Read More

This spread is simple, easy, and DELICIOUS. The theme of my dill spread is ‘seafood & brunches’ – It goes with ocean trout, salmon, poached eggs or even just as a high powered snack with carrots and celery. Make one batch, then store in a jar and enjoy for weeks! Ingredients: 1 handful of fresh Read More

 This post is dedicated to Mahmoud Abboud. Giddo. The King. Happy 90th Birthday. You carried our family through poverty, war in Lebanon and adversity – Almost 70 years of marriage, 7 kids, a successful immigration to sunny Australia, 21 grandkids and 6 great grandkids later – you have made it to 90.  Grateful to bask Read More